Job Responsibilities:

1. Maintain the company's Ali foreign trade platform, upload and update website products;
2. Analyze the background data, improve product keywords, improve product rankings and shop performance;
3. Handle customer enquiries and emails, follow up on customer orders and collections; 4. Control the order process and shipping time
5. Complete the company's performance evaluation indicators, and other related job qualifications arranged by the company:
1. College degree or above, CET 4 or above, oral communication is preferred.
2. Have more than half a year of foreign trade work experience, prior to operating Alibaba International Platform is preferred
3. Cheerful personality, good at communication, strong learning ability, good at self-reflection and summary, strong sense of responsibility;
4. Like sales work, flexible thinking and logical. Good communication skills and teamwork ability;
5. Have a strong sense of responsibility and ability to complete tasks independently, able to withstand certain work pressure.


Working hours: 1.9: 00 ~~ 18: 30 12: 00 ~ 13: 30 (Lunch break)


International station foreign trade clerk