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On the morning of the 4th-30th, Alibaba Jinpin Chengqi Certified Experts Group visited Gaopai Home to record the office environment, staff size and factory setting of our company. The company's executive general manager Li Jianfeng, deputy general manager Yuan Haihong and other leaders were enthusiastic Received a team of experts.

Jinpinchengqi is a comprehensive promotion service launched by Alibaba based on buyers' purchasing habits. It aims to help companies quickly win the trust of buyers and complete transactions. The service evaluates and certifies the key information of enterprises through certification bodies, including enterprise capability assessment reports, main product certifications, and factory inspection videos. The certification expert group's visit to our company is precisely for one part of the assessment and certification-factory inspection video recording and recording. The shooting team took a slight drizzle to record and record the company's office environment and plant size on site. Its rigorous work attitude is not only responsible for the buyer, but also a kind of responsibility for our company. Its certification has Authenticity, professionalism and comprehensiveness.

The on-site shooting content will be displayed on the Alibaba platform through multiple channels, which will not only help buyers deepen their understanding of our company and products, but also provide Shenhua with a more comprehensive and professional display of the company ’s strength in the overseas market The popularity and influence have a very important role in winning the trust of buyers. It will definitely further promote the development of our company's overseas market and accelerate the full realization of the strategic goal of Gaopai Home Furnishing!

Alibaba Gold Products Chengqi Certified Experts Group Visited Gaopai Home

2020年5月25日 11:05